All Spaceline models are available in either hybrid, solar or power variants.


The "Solar" version comes with numerous solar panels to provide the yacht with maximum green solar energy. The solar energy allows the yacht to anchor without diesel generators and run purely on electricity.


The "Hybrid" version combines the best of diesel and solar: powerful electric motors are either purely battery powered by solar energy, or the diesel generators are switched on.


The "Power" version is designed for frequent fast sailing Powerful diesel engines provide the necessary propulsion.

In "hotel mode", i.e. in the harbour or at anchor, none of our models need permanent engine support: the energy for all consumers usually comes only from the battery, which is fed by solar cells. Thanks to our large battery pack, the energy is also sufficient for a quiet, engine-free night.

Unsurpassed economy with an ecological concept

Depending on the version of the Spaceline, you can cruise up to 6 knots without exhaust fumes. Power supply in the harbour or at anchor in the bay is always possible without exhaust fumes. Even at night, thanks to our battery pack.

Minimised maintenance costs

Maintenance costs money and time. Our technical layout is completely designed for low maintenance costs and the shortest downtimes. All essential systems are superfluous, so that you can continue cruising even in the event of a partial technical failure. The varnish stays even longer on high gloss with the self-developed varnish care system.

Minimum deck height 2.20m in all areas

While most boats have a reasonable headroom - if at all – and some only in selected areas, our boats offer 2.20m headroom throughout!

Nobelclean system on board

If desired, the Spaceline catamarans can be equipped with the unique Nobelclean cleaning system, which keeps the yacht clean and, above all, shining. Without the need to repaint every 5 to 6 years.

BTO / Customisation

Everyone has their own taste and you should feel absolutely comfortable in your yacht. That is why the Spaceline models are designed as build to order (BTO) or as a finished high-end product. Especially our noble surfaces in all rooms are suggestions and not specifications.

We build with aluminium and do not have ready-made moulds like many of our competitors. Almost every detail can be adapted to your specifications. We are happy to provide you with our designers for this purpose or to work with the concepts of designers you trust.


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