The Ultimate Catamarans team knows luxury: we have worked extensively with medium and large yacht clients for over ten years.

Based on our long-standing knowledge of our clients and their specific needs regarding truly innovative yachts, we have decided to design and build our own yachts in the future, namely motor catamarans, and to market them worldwide.

Our clear vision is to revolutionise the market in the luxury segment of motor catamarans through an innovative product range and to design catamarans that do not yet exist on the market in this unique combination. This applies in particular to the feeling of space and the actual areas available, as well as the solar concept for hotel operation and propulsion. In doing so, we do not focus on only one of the features, such as solar energy or feeling of space, but approach the design with the objective of optimally considering all relevant features.


Tradition is almost the only explanation for why most boats within the world’s oceans are monohulls. But catamarans have long been in the fast lane, especially in the luxury segment:
The market for catamarans (multihulls) is growing disproportionately fast, especially in the 15m - 24m class, which is already the best-selling segment.

And there are good reasons for this: Even 24m catamarans, properly designed, offer a feeling of space that is otherwise more likely to be found on a 30m-40m yacht. This is because catamaran yachts are much wider than a conventional monohull - thus offering much more space to feel comfortable.

But it's not just about the feeling of space here: due to the large overall width in relation to the length, the stability moments increase rapidly and prevent large heeling angles and rolling movements in the swell. While monohull motorboats often stay in the harbour from wind forces of 4, as violent rolling, pitching and yawing movements are unavoidable for them, the catamaran still lies calmly in the sea here.


Making good even better and combining different advantages is our way of thinking. There are many yachts and catamarans. However, almost all of them have in common that they always feel a bit cramped: be it because of the often too low ceilings, sleeping cabins that are too small, showers in which you can hardly turn around or toilets in which you sit "somewhat" cramped and the room ambiance in which you can hardly relax.

But we are now bringing real luxury to the market: a previously unattainable feeling of space. The innovative Spaceline design creates large spaces and areas, whether at 67m, 86m, 100m or more feet in length. Small but effective design changes provide dozens or even hundreds of square feet more usable space for the owner or charter guest.

This is combined with a minimum ceiling height of 2.20m in all areas and our solar or hybrid drive with NextGen Technology. This means that you not only cruise - depending on cruising speed - without exhaust or engine noise, but also have enough solar power for the night to party or sleep in a relaxed manner without engine noise or exhaust smells.


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