Spaceline100 HYBRID

The Spaceline100 Hybrid combines the best of electric power and solar power energy at an affordable price. This model offers a powerful, purely electric motor, which is either powered purely by battery-electric with solar-generated electricity, or alternatively, two diesel engines could be continuously added to the power generation in order to provide the required energy in the optimal speed range at all times.

Further to the previous models, this model also supports the “hotel operation” mode. The energy is simply driven from the battery, which is energised through the solar panels. The battery has enough energy to offer a quiet motorless night, for up to 12hrs.

Spaceline100 SOLAR

The Spaceline100 Solar is designed for a leisure cruising without any engine noise disturbing the experience. With generous 226 sqm of solar panels and a 550-kW battery, you can sail through the sea without engine noise or exhaust fumes 4-5 knots continuous speed, and up to 13 knots of purely electric power. In case of emergency situations, when higher speed is needed, there are still two powerful diesels on board.

In “hotel operation”, i.e. in the harbour or at anchor, no motor support is required; the energy for all users usually comes only from the battery, which regenerate energy through the solar panels. The battery has enough energy to offer a quiet motorless night, for up to 12hrs.

Spaceline100 POWER

The Spaceline100 Power is designed for frequent faster cruising at a speed of up to 18 knots, and a cruising speed of around 12 knots. The two powerful diesel engines installed on board provide the necessary propulsion.

Furthermore, there are also solar panels on the roof and a small battery pack so that no motor support is needed when the boat is in “hotel operation” mode. In this case, the energy for all users would be driven only from the battery, which is energised through the solar panels. The battery has enough energy to offer a quiet motorless night, for up to 12hrs.


The spacious rooms of our Ultimate Catamarans are pure luxury – from the saloon, to the guest cabins, and even the flybridge. As mentioned before, the standing height at all levels and spaces is at least 2.20 m, and the each of the rooms itself is unbeatably spacious. Further we offer a main salon with the noticeable 109 sqm space and 360° panoramic view, and 70 sqm flybridge, which also has the luxury of a 360° panoramic view.

We offer a master cabin captivating 55 sqm , and further four VIP cabins from 25 sqm to 27 sqm, which are not usually found on yachts of this size, and sometimes even in much larger yachts they could be a rare treat. The interior also consists of large windows based in the main salon, all cabins and in the private balconies in all VIP cabins, with two balconies in the master cabin.

We offer unique, powerful and striking design, which will certainly make people notice you and your luxurious boat on the open sea, and as well in the harbour. Due to the additional floor space, which is optically hidden in the hull, the yacht has a remarkable overall height, and you will literally be floating above everything.

The elegant well-planned deck layout offers space, but also privacy on four levels. The flybridge and the large salon are available to all guests as living area, where the master cabin and the four VIP cabins offers the necessary privacy.

Further, the captain is also accommodated on the living floor, and there is also a fitness centre with four exercise machines.

video cover


Depending on the version of the Spaceline, you can cruise up to 9 knots emission-free; the hotel setting in the harbour or at anchor in the lagoon is always emission-free. And that’s the same for night-time, thanks to the battery pack.

Electric hybrid drive for silent,
relaxed cruising without exhaust fumes

Around 800 sqm of living, outdoor and usable space on just 29,5 metres of waterline thanks to an innovative design and the extra floor.

Total area around
800 square metres

Maintenance costs money and time. Our technical layout is completely designed for low maintenance costs and shortest possible downtimes. All essential systems are designed redundantly, so that you can continue cruising in a relaxed manner even in the event of a partial technical failure. The solar space only needs to be removed from the water for new antifouling every 10 years. The lacquer stays on high gloss even longer with the lacquer care system that is developed in-house.

maintenance costs

Others only have that on the open flybridge: Also, you have a clear 360° panoramic view of over 100 square metres in the main salon!

Main salon over 100 square metres
with 360° panoramic view

pace is the ultimate luxury and an essential factor for feeling good. This is why our master suite has 55 sqm of space and the VIP cabins have 25-27 sqm. Of course, all with their own small balcony.There is also a additionally sixth guest cabin with 18 sqm The crew has also been considered: Four spacious crew cabins provide that little bit extra – a factor for a stable, satisfied, and motivated crew.

Five guest suites 27/27/26/25/18 sqm,
master suite 55 square metres

While most boats have reasonable headroom only in selected areas, if any, we’re different: 2.20 metres headroom is available everywhere – inside and outside!

Minimum ceiling height 2.20
metres in all areas




  1. Total length: 29,5 m
  2. Waterline: 27 m
  3. Total width: 13 m
  4. CE-certified Class: Lloyds, Malta-Flag, 12 guests + 6 crew members
  5. Floors: 4 (hull – living level – saloon level – flybridge)
  6. Cruising speed power/hybrid: 8-12 knots (depending on version)
  7. Maximum speed: 18-20 knots (depending on version)
  8. Range: Depending on version and speed 850 miles to infinite (solar)
  9. Up to 226 sqm of solar panels
  10. Air conditioning: 335.000 BTU
  11. 2 x freshwater conditioners
  12. 2 x water heaters per 200 l
  13. 2 x treatment plant for black and greywater
  14. 6 x integrated balconies (1 in each VIP cabin, and 2 in the master cabin)
  15. Hydraulic central platform for tenders up to 1,000 kg
  16. Two hydraulic double garages for 2 x Jet Skis

Unsere in dieser Yachtklasse ungeschlagenen verfügbaren Quadratmeter:

Insgesamt rund 800 m2


Our Spaceline100 is delivered fully equipped on request, or at a basic price plus equipment packages. The fully equipped Spaceline100 has all the extras included, right through to the fun equipment of electric tenders, 2 electric jet skis, extensive equipment for water skiing, paragliding, diving, canoeing, stand-up paddles, e-bikes for shore excursions and much more.

  1. 1 electric tender
  2. 2 x electric Jet Skis
  3. Whirlpool on the flybridge
  4. Carbondeck on the flybridge
  5. 2 swimming ladders and 2 outdoor showers
  6. Complete equipment in the galley
  7. Fitness centre with 4 machines
  8. Barbecue on the flybridge
  9. Bars on flybridge, rear deck and saloon
  10. 4 x diving equipment
  11. 4 x stand-up paddle
  12. Aqua glide toys
  13. 4 x Dip draws
  14. 4 x kayaks
  15. 2 x water skis
  16. 1 x paragliding
  17. 4 x electric bikes for land excursions
  18. 10 x snorkel goggles
  19. Satellite-tracking system
  20. Rear view camera
  1. Security cameras with motion detector with intruder alarm
  2. 1 large roller cabinet for a mobile emergency supply
  3. Bow thruster
  4. Underwater lights
  5. Satellite communication
  6. Autopilot
  7. Satellite television
  8. 2 washing/drying machines
  9. Various refrigerators, freezers, ice machines
  10. LED TV in all cabins and saloon
  11. Hi-fi equipment in all cabins and saloon and the outside
  12. Private safes in all cabins
  13. Antifouling with 10 years lifetime
  14. Nobelclean cleaning and sealing system for lasting shine without repainting
  15. Complete safety equipment for 18 pax (12 guest and 6 crew)
  16. Commissioning and briefing


We are not only looking into the future and how to bring the most modern product on the market, but we also care for the environment and inspire to bring sustainable products to the market, which will pay-off in time. The Spaceline100 is available in solar power, electric power and hybrid-power versions with the next generation technology. At anchor, in the harbour or when sailing quietly at 5 to 6 knots, the entire yacht is powered by the battery and solar panels (except the power version). No running generator is needed at night either, because the battery supplies all users including air conditioning until the sun shines again. Only for longer journeys at higher speeds of – depending on the version 8 to 18 knots, the diesel switches on.


The Spaceline100 is equipped with the unique Nobelclean cleaning system, which keeps the yacht always clean and above all on high gloss. This technology has been chosen as it not only offers immaculate gloss and maintenance, but also could save you money from repaint every 5 to 6 years (based on average period of yachts being repainted).


Thanks to the electric/hybrid drive and the generally short engine running times, the Spaceline100 is extremely cost-effective to operate and maintain – both in terms of cost and downtime. This means:

By combining solar cells and large batteries, we achieve short engine runtimes with consequently longer maintenance intervals. The electric motor is almost maintenance-free anyway. Thanks to long-term antifouling, the yacht only needs to be taken out of the water every 10 years and the Nobelclean system ensures decades of shine without repainting

Unsurpassed economy with an
ecological design

Especially in port or at anchor, the Spaceline100 does not need any electricity from the motors / generators. Thanks to intelligent power management, the maintenance costs are extremely low.

Solar / hybrid system
with NextGen technology

Maintenance costs money and time. Our technical layout is completely designed for low maintenance costs and the shortest possible downtimes. All essential systems are designed redundantly so that you can continue cruising even if there is a partial technical failure. The Spaceline only needs to be removed from the water every 10 years for a new antifouling. The paint stays glossy even longer with the paint care system developed in-house.

maintenance costs


We appreciate that everyone has their own taste, and you should feel absolutely comfortable in your own yacht. Therefore, the Spaceline100 is designed based on your personal preferences, and offered to you as a finished high-end product. For instance, our elegant surfaces in all show rooms are simply suggestions, and not definite specifications. We are flexible and able to adapt almost every detail to your specific preferences. We would be happy to provide you with our interior designers, or work together with trusted interior designers picked by you.

Alternatively, you can also opt-out of the extensive furnishings, included or exchange them from other optional equipment. We note that the complete furnishings as provided in the illustrations is simply a suggestion.



The Ultimate Catamarans works with various Yacht Crew Service Agencies, and you do not have to worry about selecting the crew team yourself, if you do not want to do this. You simply provide us with your requirement, such as technical skills, language skills, length of contract, or any other requirements you may have, and we will take care of the rest for you. As a standard procedure, we will always present you with a selection of competent staff for the respective positions, and will leave the final decision to you.


We understand that maintaining a yacht always costs money. If you do not use your yacht all year round, we could offer you our Yacht Charter Service to reduce your operating costs, or even make a profit during the year by making your yacht available for charter visits during the free periods. All we need from you is the period when you are not planning to use your boat, and we can take care of the marketing according to your specifications.



The Ultimate Catamarans (UC) is a newly formed high-tech group which works ambitiously to revolutionise yacht building and operation, both technologically and cost-efficiently.

As part of the UC team, we have a number of members who focus on the provision of client experience in the luxury yachts industry. In the past decade we have been working comprehensively with a wide range of customers with medium yachts from 7m to large yachts up 30m. Further, we have members who solely focus on the catamaran building side with over 20 years of experience in building large catamarans. Finally, our UC technical team has impressively over 70 years of experience in the field of energy conversion, which is the fundamental principal of our NextGen hybrid concept. Based on our wide expertise in this area, we inspired to design and build our own unique yachts, the UC motor catamarans, and to merchandise them worldwide.

Our vision is to revolutionise the luxury market of motor catamarans offering an innovative range of catamarans with unique design and features, in a completely new way that is not yet available on the market. Our mission is to design a place with spacious multiple-level platform, where all guests and owners could enjoy the atmosphere. Furthermore, we were looking to combine the joy of space with the environmental benefit of the solar power concept, and offer not only independence in driving fuel-less, but also the opportunity to enjoy a quite ‘hotel operation’ mode of our unique Ultimate Catamarans.


As you may be aware, the majority of the boats developed and constructed worldwide are monohulls, and when we researched why – the reason was simple – it was just the traditional way of designing water vehicles in the past, and only few has yet looked into going one step out of their comfort zone. If we look into this in more detail, we would notice that two hulls and two engines, in comparison to a single-used hull and engine, would slightly increase the base price of a boat.

We have noticed a significant growth in the market for luxury catamarans, with multihulls, especially in the best-selling range of the 15 to 27-meter-yachts.

Why is this happening?

According to our research data, a 24-metre catamarans designed correctly, could offer a feeling of a much wider space, a space that you are likely to experience in a much bigger yacht, for instance between 40 and 50-metre yachts. This happens due to catamaran yachts being usually almost twice as wide as a conventional monohull vehicle, and therefore able to offer much wider space, which makes you feel much more comfortable and relaxed.

Understanding this advantage, we have been asked whether the advantage is simply the space environment? The simple answer is NO, there is much more to undercover. Due to the large overall width, in relation to length, the stability of the yacht in water increases significantly, and prevents large angles of heel and rolling movements in adverse weather conditions. While monohull motorboats often stay in port from 5 to 6 Beaufort wind speeds, as violent rolling, pitching, and yawing movements are unavoidable for them, the catamaran still lies calmly in the sea. Demonstrating fantastic resilience and stability, catamarans will provide you with a comfort feeling as if they were pulled on rails in the water.


We believe that we can transform good ideas into even better products, combining different advantages of every field. As you know, there is a wide range of yachts and catamarans on the market. However, the majority of them leave you with the feeling of being a bit cramped when inside. This is due to the ceilings often being too low, the sleeping cabins being too small, and showers being squeezed so that you can hardly turn around in one of these impractical toilets, and nonetheless, dining room spaces which are difficult to relax in.

The good news is that all that could stay in the past, and we are now able to bring a real luxury to the market called Spaceline100. We are proud to share that the unique design of our Ultimate Catamarans offers a sense of space which has never been achieved before! Only 26 m long overall (with waterline of 23.99 m, CE certificate), the Spaceline100 offers a fantastic feeling of space that you can normally only find if you purchase a much bigger and much more expensive yacht (ie 40 to 50 m long). Spacious, but smaller in size, Spaceline100 is still able to easily enter the majority of the smaller harbours around the globe. We could offer you the following unique parameters:

  1. A total area of over 800 sqm of indoor and outdoor space
  2. An electric/hybrid drive for silent and relaxed cruising without exhaust fumes
  3. A battery which could last overnight, or alternatively a power or purely solar version
  4. Minimum ceiling height of 2.20 m in all areas
  5. 1 Large main salon with 109 sqm and open 360°-degree panoramic view
  6. 1 master suite measuring 55 sqm
  7. 4 guest suites from 25 sqm to 27 sqm


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Ultimate Catamarans at the Monaco Yacht Show 2019

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Ultimate Catamarans at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2019

Cannes Yachting Festival

Cannes Yachting Festival 2019


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